• Class 6 Football Match v Hampshire School
  • Jeans for Genes - 22nd September 2017
  • Meet the new Headmistress Monday 25th September
  • Reception - Class 3 Drama Workshops - 26th September 2017
  • C4 and C5 Drama Workshops - 3rd October 2017
  • Cameron House Language Day - 29th September 2017

‘Da Mihi Sapientiam’

‘Give me Wisdom’‘

The Insider Newsletter

Autumn Term 2017—Newsletter Three

22nd September 2017

Dear Parents,

I was delighted to welcome you to our Curriculum Evening; thank you for your continued support. We have enjoyed a busy yet settled week; the children are very much “into the swing” of the term and impressing me with their positive and enthusiastic approach towards all elements of school life. Today is Jeans for Genes Day at school (please see below and separate letter for details). This morning we enjoyed a superb assembly about Cameronian Qualities and Growth Mindset by Class 6. Such a thoughtful and honest assembly Class 6—well done! I am delighted to attach Class 1’s Newsletter with this week’s Insider, which I know you will all enjoy reading enormously.

Up-Coming Diary Dates

Please find here a gentle reminder of some up-coming important dates for your information:

  • Monday 25th September: Meet the Headmistress (Dina Mallett) event (see separate invitation for details)
  • Tuesday 26th September: Reception to Class 3 Drama workshops in school
  • Thursday 28th September: Class 6 Football v The Hampshire School, BP (2.30pm)
  • Friday 29th September: Cameron House Language Day! (see separate letter for details)
  • Thursday 5th October: Welcome Back Drinks Party 6-9pm (see separate invitation for details)


Class 6 Roles of Responsibility

When the children reach Class 6, they are given the opportunity to take on special roles and are captains and prefects for the whole school. This is something they really enjoy and take pride in and it is a huge benefit to them in terms of building their confidence and sense of responsibility as they mature throughout the year. We have been talking with Class 6 about their job descriptions and what each role requires. We are delighted to announce this term the roles are as follows:

Head Boy — Massi
Lower School Prefect — Gretel
Vice Sports Prefect — Sina
Cameronian Qualities Prefect — Sienna
Charity Prefects — Ginevra and Elena
Carlyle House Captain — Marcello
Mulberry Vice House Captain — Elena
Librarians — Marcello and Elena

Head Girl — Eva
Boys Sports Prefect — Frederik
Eco Prefect — Marcello
Art Prefect — Inaki
Maths Prefect — Gretel
Carlyle Vice House Captain — Inaki
Sydney House Captain — Alex
Playground Prefect — Fredrik and Ginevra

Upper School Prefect — Gideon
Girls’ Sports Prefect — Elisabeth
Science Prefect — Alex
Drama Prefect — Sienna
Music Prefect — Elisabeth
Mulberry House Captain — Sina
Sydney Vice House Captain — Ginevra

In addition to these roles, all children in Class 6 are also Prefects. Congratulations Class 6—I am sure they will wear their badges with pride!

CHS First Gymnastics Club

Last week on Friday, we had our very first Gymnastics Club in the hall. Sian lead the session and the children learnt a warm up and a stretching routine to the Lion King. The children enjoyed the lesson and they cannot wait until their next lesson.

Gym Gym

Football Match results

On Tuesday 19th September, Class 5/6 had a football match against Knightsbridge A Team and we won 2-1! Sasha was in goal, Idris was right defence, Alex was left defence, Sina was right mid field, I was left midfield, Fredrik was centre and Marcello was our striker. Fredrik and Sina scored our two goals and Sina’s goal was from a corner! We do need to improve our passing and moving into the free space but apart from that, we did very well! Go Cameron House! By Thomas (Captain of the match)

Water-skiing Competition By Michela in Class 3

Before I began the competition, I had a couple of days of practice. After that, it was competition time! Water-skiing is tough but it is fun! I did my very best which is good for all of us and important. Sadly, my sister Scarlett could not do the race. It was hard, I had to do a trick and I got 80 points. The most important thing is that I tried my best and I achieved my personal best score! I am so pleased I did it!


Meet the Headmistress Designate (Dina Mallett)

We are having a coffee reception at Bluebird on Monday 25th September from 1.45pm–3pm. We hope you can join us and welcome her to Cameron House.

Language Day next week! Yolanda Petronelli (French and Latin Coordinator)

We are all looking forward to Language Day (Friday 29th September). Children should come dressed in their normal school uniform but may, if they wish, wear one item or accessory themed on their chosen country e.g. a hat. We would like to thank the many parents who volunteered to help run activities during the morning—thank you for your support and enthusiasm. During the morning, the children will take part in a range of fun, educational and exciting language themed activities. The languages we will be representing this year will be: French, Spanish, Swedish, Nigerian, Italian, Polish and a surprise language!

Friends of Cameron House (FoCH)

A great place to see many old friends and to make some new ones will be the Welcome Back Drinks Party! The Friends of Cameron House would like to warmly invite all parents and Cameron House staff to a party on Thursday 5th October from 6–9pm. Details and invitations to follow via Paperless Post. Hoping to see everyone on the 5th! Please RSVP to Paperless Post or leave a note in the FoCH pigeon hole in the School Office. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Nasal Flu Vaccinations

A joint committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has recommended that the routine seasonal flu programme should be given to children to lower the impact of influenza on children and lower influenza transmission to other children and adults. This will also have an impact on reducing sickness levels in schools and therefore be beneficial to both pupils and staff. If you are interested in pursuing this, please contact your local GP for further information on how to proceed further.

Looking for Parent Readers—Please Help!

We are extremely fortunate to have several parents who come in to hear the children read. Thank you to those parents who have already volunteered. If any more parents would like to hear reading once a week, please contact Alice in the School Office so that we can allocate you to a class. The Class Teacher will then contact you to discuss a suitable day and time.

Birthday Books

As many of you will know, we invite each child to donate a book of their choice to their class library on their birthday. The donated book will have a Cameron House bookplate stuck in the inside cover of the book recording the donation, their name and their birthday and will be presented to their class during assembly. As the donated book is put on the shelf another older book will be removed. The removed books will be collected over the year and then donated to a charity in the summer. This scheme will continue to enable children to take an active role in the monitoring of their classroom libraries and an opportunity to share their favourite titles with their classmates. Thank you for your support.

Maths Quiz

Gretel, our Maths Prefect, has created a Maths quiz for the children of Cameron House to attempt. If they take their answers to Gretel next week to check—she may award them a sticker for their efforts and some house points too if they get them all correct.

Lower School Maths Quiz

  • 4 × 5 =
  • 10 × 2 + 13 =
  • 2 × 100 + 50 =
  • 5 × 4 + 1 – 10 =
  • 10 – 5 + 3 – 2 =

Lower School Maths Quiz

Remember to apply BODMAS or BIDMAS

  • 12 × 13 + 4 – 2 =
  • 2 + 2 + 2 × 3 - 2 =
  • 12 + 12 – 3 =
  • 1 000 000 – 100 000 =
  • 10 × 1 000 000 – 2 =

Learning Friends

Well done to Chloe in Reception, for being awarded Ivy the owl for being reflective and attempting to improve her drawings every day. Congratulations!

Well done to Edward in Class 1, for being awarded Snowball the penguin for showing great ambition, always working hard and wanting to move on to the next work set. Congratulations!

Well done to Tommaso in Class 2, for being awarded Curly the lion for courage in his first guitar lesson, really trying hard and learning a new skill. Congratulations!

Well done to Sebastian in Class 2, for being awarded Gaze the gorilla for being focused and using his critical thinking skills in lessons. Congratulations!

Well done to Amelie in Class 3, for being awarded Copper the dog for showing kindness every day in the classroom, always helping others. Congratulations!

Well done to Matteo in Class 5, for being awarded Lexi the fox for showing perseverance and resilience every day in his work! Congratulations!

Please do return your learning friend to school on Tuesday morning.

Mary-Anne — Acting Headmistress

Acting Headmistress

Suzanne — Deputy Headmistress

Deputy Headmistress

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  • With three children, we have experienced several London Schools. The happy, nurturing atmosphere at Cameron House, right from the first day when the Headmistress called to let us know how our daughter was settling in, is unmatched among them.



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