• 10th January - Class 2 Pedestrian training begins (see seperate letter)
  • 23rd January - Class 5 Touch Ruby v Knightsbridge
  • 19th January - C3-6 Cross Country Competition
  • 25th January - C4 and C6 Football match v Sussex House
  • 16th January - General Knowledge Quiz competition
  • 18th January - Class 4 Netball match v Pembridge Hall

‘Da Mihi Sapientiam’

‘Give me Wisdom’‘

The Insider Newsletter

Spring Term 2018—Newsletter Three

19th January 2018

Dear Parents,

The Spring Term is now well under way and the children continue to impress us with their enthusiasm, hard work, positive attitude and love of learning. This morning Class 3 performed a wonderful assembly all about healthy eating. Congratulations to Claire, Anna and Class 3 for an excellent and entertaining performance! I am delighted to attach the Class 5 Newsletter with this week’s Insider where you can find out about some of the interesting things the children have been enjoying since the start of term.

Up-Coming Diary Dates

Please find here a gentle reminder of some up-coming important dates for your information:

  • Friday 19th January: Class 3–6 Cross Country at Notting Hill Prep (1.15pm)
  • Tuesday 23rd January: Class 5 Touch Rugby v Knightsbridge
  • Wednesday 24th January: Class 1 Science workshop, Class 2 Pedestrian training
  • Thursday 25th January: Class 4 and Class 6 Football v Sussex House
  • Friday 26th January: Dina Mallett (new Headmistress) in for the day


General Knowledge Quiz Club

General Knowledge Quiz Club General Knowledge Quiz Club

On Tuesday 16th January, two Cameron House teams, each consisting of a Class 3, Class 4, Class 5 and Class 6 pupil, went to Northcote Lodge School in Battersea for our annual General Knowledge Quiz Club area heat. We played against four other teams and our host team, Northcote Lodge won. In spite of gruelling questions and fiendish popular music knowledge from the other teams, Cameron House had a wonderful time, collaborating with peers across Key Stage 2 and learning some new facts along the way. Well done Cameron House!

Class 2 Science experiment Written by Tommaso and Roya

Class 2 Science experiment

We walked around the school looking for different types of materials and identifying what they were made of. We found some very interesting materials such as fabric, paper, plastic, rubber and metal. We had a good time learning outside the classroom.

Class 3 Assembly Written by Antonia

Class 3 Assembly

I loved making the plate of food. I enjoyed singing our song and everyone spoke their lines very well. I thought the picture plates were great. On my plate was salad, rice, beef and carrots. It was a healthy balanced meal!

Class 3 and 4 Netball Match v Pembridge Hall Written by Remy (Captain)

On Thursday, we had a netball match against Pembridge Hall. Cameron House had the first centre pass and were shooting left. We passed into the “D” but Pembridge Hall managed to intercept. By the second quarter, Pembridge Hall were ahead 9 points. Now centre and goal defence had swapped and from the opposition, wing attack and wing defence swapped. This time it was Pembridge Hall centre who managed to pass into the “D”. Fleur intercepted but they got the ball back during a bounce pass and scored. The final score was Pembridge Hall 13 and Cameron House 0. Forgetting about the score, everyone played extremely well and we worked well as a team!

Class 3 and 4 Netball Match Class 3 and 4 Netball Match Class 3 and 4 Netball Match


Packed Lunch Delivery Service with “Wild Child Kitchen”

“Wild Child Kitchen” currently delivers to many schools and nurseries in the Chelsea area. They provide healthy, nutritious hot packed lunches as well as mid-morning and after-school snacks. To register, complete an online form, which is found on the website or through the link we emailed on Wednesday of this week and they will deliver directly to the school in named packages. This lunch service will begin from 29th January 2018. Please ensure you send in a lunch box, so that any food that is not eaten can be sent home and you can monitor what your child is eating both in terms of volume and in terms of content. Please do remember that this would be a contract between yourselves and the company. They are willing to allow a month trial period but for it to be a viable option for them they would need at least ten families to join up permanently. You can contact the team by email: to receive a copy of the menus and to speak to them about any specific queries. For more general information and frequently asked questions, please visit their website:

Spring Fair—Raffle Donations

Friends of Cameron House kindly ask for our help with any donations for the Spring Fair Raffle, donations of any kind would be hugely appreciated. Please contact your Class Reps, Becky Egea or any of the FoCH team if you have any questions. Thank you for your support.

Uniform Accessories!

Please can you kindly ensure that children are wearing the correct and smart Winter uniform and that all uniform accessories (such as gloves, scarves and hats etc.) are the official Cameron House items and correct colour (gloves must be cherry red or navy blue only) and are named—such items have a tendency to wander around the school from time to time but we can help return them to the correct owner if they are clearly labelled! Thank you for your support.

Looking for Parent Readers

We are extremely fortunate to have several parents who will come in to hear the children read. We are very much hoping that those parents who currently come in will wish to continue this term. If any more parents would like to hear reading once a week, please contact Alice in the School Office so that we can allocate you to a class and start the DBS process. Thank you for your support.

Learning Friends

Well done to Benjamin in Reception, for being awarded Gaze the gorilla for critical thinking. He is working so hard and being focused in lessons. Congratulations!

Well done to Rayyan in Class 1, for being awarded Curly the lion for being courageous. He has remained focused and strong every day. Congratulations!

Well done to Joseph in Class 2, for being awarded Lexi the fox for perseverance. He has worked hard at staying focused and finishing all his tasks. Congratulations!

Well done to Felipe in Class 3, for being awarded Copper the dog for kindness. He has continued to be helpful and thoughtful to children and adults around the school. Congratulations!

Well done to Aida in Class 5 for being awarded Benzi the elephant for collaboration. She is thoughtful and shares her Christmas present, “First News” newspaper with her class when she has finished with it at home. Congratulations!

Well done to Kathleen in Class 5 for being awarded Snowball the penguin for ambition. She is doing the extra work given on the weekends and setting herself high standards. Congratulations!

Please do return your learning friend to school on Tuesday morning.

Mary-Anne — Acting Headmistress

Mary-Anne Malloy
Acting Headmistress

Suzanne — Deputy Headmistress

Suzanne Haigh
Deputy Headmistress

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