• C4/5 Netball v Knightsbridge - 14th Novembeer 2.30pm
  • Parents Evening 15th November 4.00-5.30pm (NO Clubs)
  • C3 Roman Workshop - 10th November
  • Kindness day - 13th November
  • Parent Evening 16th November 5.30-7pm

‘Da Mihi Sapientiam’

‘Give me Wisdom’‘

The Insider Newsletter

Autumn Term 2017—Newsletter Ten

17th November 2017

Dear Parents,

We have enjoyed celebrating International Kindness Day this week; please see the round-up below. I am delighted to attach the Class 6 Newsletter with this week’s Insider. They have all worked so hard and with such focus and maturity this term—you will see they have had lots of fun too!

Up-Coming Diary Dates

Please find here a gentle reminder of some up-coming important dates for your information:

  • Tuesday 21st November: Class 3 and 4 Play Rehearsal (see separate letter for details)
  • Tuesday 21st November: Class 5 Netball v The Hampshire School 2:15pm Battersea Park
  • Wednesday 22nd November: Science Quiz at Broomwood Hall (see separate letter for details)
  • Thursday 23rd November: Class 3 and 4 Play Rehearsal (see separate letter for details)
  • Thursday 23rd November: Class 6 & Class 3 Football v Garden House 2:15pm Burton Court
  • Monday 27th November: Reception Nativity rehearsal at St. Luke’s (in the normal school day)
  • Tuesday 28th November: Class 3 and 4 dress rehearsal and play performance (see separate letter for details)


International Kindness day

On Monday 13th November the whole school took part in International Kindness Day. Some classes celebrated in their own way, with kindness postcards, kindness trees or planning acts of kindness in a diary. However, our whole school celebration was the Kindness Rocks Project. We decorated rocks with positive and affirming messages and delivered them around the school, sharing them with our school community. On Friday, the children brought/will bring their rock home with the intention of placing their rock into the wider community, ideally a local park or garden, where others can benefit from the kind message. We hope you support this final act of kindness at home and enjoy spotting others in the community.

International Kindness day

A report from our Cameronian Qualities Prefect by Sienna

Kindness rocks activity was a lovely and encouraging project. Everyone in Cameron House took part. This week, we put the rocks around the school to help spread the kindness.

Class 5 Netball match By Elizabeth (Captain)

On Tuesday, Class 5 had a netball match. It was very challenging but great fun! It was thrilling playing against Knightsbridge School for the first time but alas, we lost 0–3. Everyone played extremely well and we worked well as a team! As you can see, Bramble enjoyed the match thoroughly

Class 5 Netball match Class 5 Netball match Class 5 Netball match

Class 3 Visit to Fulham Palace—Roman Workshop by Emma

Class 3 Visit to Fulham Palace—Roman Workshop

We had a workshop learning about the Romans. We dressed up and met Felipe who was dressed as the emperor and we also tried to do some Roman jobs. The archaeological digs were when we guessed what things were and what they were used for. We made mosaics by placing tiles in patterns. Some children ground herbs and corn with a stone. I dressed up as the guests wife. The best part was when we all got dressed up!


Class 3 and 4 Production of The Pirates of the Curry Bean!

Class 3 and 4 will soon be rehearsing and performing their production of The Pirates of the Curry Bean at Kensington Library Theatre W8. Their rehearsals will take place on Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd November (for further detail, please refer to the recent letter sent to all Class 3 and 4 families). On the morning of Tuesday 28th November, Class 3 and 4 will perform their Dress Rehearsal to the other children in the school (we will transport the children to and from the Theatre by private coach. The performance for Class 3 and 4 families to watch will take place on Tuesday 28th November at 2pm at Kensington Library Theatre, W8. May we politely remind parents that due to the Theatre’s strict rules, no food or drink should be brought into the theatre and that in order to comply with fire and health and safety regulations, families must remain seated at all times during the performance. We kindly ask that parents and friends take their seats after 1:40pm as we will be making our final preparations until then. Thank you.

Saturday Sports Hugh Freeland, Head of Sport

We are pleased to confirm the following date for Saturday Sports for the rest of this term:

Saturday 25th November

Saturday Sports runs from 9:30am–11am in Battersea Park on the grass near the Albert Bridge Car Park. A number of different sports will be included in the club and all children are welcome to attend. It is £10 per child and there is no need to sign up beforehand. The aim of the session is to give the children a chance to play more sport during the weekend in a familiar and friendly environment and to improve their basic motor skills while keeping them fit and healthy. If you would like to find out more, please email me at

Bluebird Carol Singing Event—Thursday 12th December!

We are thrilled to announce that once again this year, Cameron House children have been invited to sing some carols in the courtyard at Bluebird to help mark the start of the festive season. The Event will take place on Thursday 12th December at 6:30–7:00pm. Siblings and parents are of course also very welcome to come along and join in. All those taking part will need to meet in the courtyard at Bluebird by 6.20pm (in school uniform including school coats, hats, gloves and scarves). We will be sending out a letter in the coming weeks. If you and your family would like to take part please complete the slip on the bottom of the letter and return it to Alice in the School Office at your earliest convenience. This is such a lovely Christmas event to take part in; we look forward to seeing many of you there. Thank you for all your continued support.

Uniform Accessories!

Please can you kindly ensure that children are wearing the correct and smart Winter uniform and that all uniform and accessories (such as gloves, scarves and hats etc.) are the official Cameron House items and correct colour (gloves must be cherry red or navy blue only) and are named—such items have a tendency to wander around the school from time to time but we can help return them to the correct owner if they are clearly labelled! Thank you for your support.

Thank you to Friends of Cameron House

The Friends of Cameron House kindly organised a sumptuous breakfast for the staff on Thursday morning. So very thoughtful and kind! Thank you!

Learning Friends

Well done to Rose in Class 1, for being awarded Curly the lion for courage. She has overcome her past nerves of performing in front of the school in her assembly. She should be very proud! Congratulations!

Well done to Luke in Class 2, for being awarded Copper the dog for kindness. He has been trying hard to help his friends when they are working, explaining things and being patient and kind! Congratulations!

Well done to Kartik in Class 2, for being awarded Snowball the penguin for ambition in French. He has completed a written task about numbers 1 to 12. Perfect adding and subtracting! Congratulations!

Well done to Victoire in Class 3 for being awarded Sparky the dragon. She showed great creativity in her programme design and was keen to improve and better her piece of work. Congratulations!

Well done to Edward in Class 3 for being awarded Lexi the fox for perseverance. He has worked so hard in class and in his assessments. Congratulations!

Well done to Yiannis in Class 4 for being awarded Curly the lion for courage in his assessment days. He was feeling very nervous but came in and approached them with a great attitude, as usual. Congratulations!

Well done to Lucy in Class 4 for being awarded Marty the meerkat for curiosity. She was enthusiastic and inquisitive asking very insightful and important questions in History this week. Congratulations!

Well done to Idris in Class 5 for being awarded Ivy the owl for reflectiveness for his Creative Writing piece this week. He persisted, listened to advice and made great improvements. Congratulations!

Well done to Elisabeth in Class 6 for being awarded Storm the Husky for Sportsmanship in the netball match last week. She had fighting spirit, excellent playing, team work and was inclusive to all! Congratulations!

Please do return your learning friend to school on Tuesday morning.

Mary-Anne — Acting Headmistress

Mary-Anne Malloy
Acting Headmistress

Suzanne — Deputy Headmistress

Suzanne Haigh
Deputy Headmistress

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