• 24th - 27th June - Class 6 Normandy Trip
  • 21st June - Class 4 visit to Holland Park (9.30am - 12.30pm)
  • 19th June - Lower School Play Performance (KLT, 2.00pm)
  • 21st June - Cameron House Summer Drinks (6.00pm - Petyt Hall)
  • 19th June - Class 5 Cricket vs The Hampshire School (BP, 2.15pm)
  • 19th June - Class 5 Girls Cricket vs Pembridge Hall (2.15pm)
  • 28th June - Lower School Open Afternoon (1.45pm)
  • 21st June - Class 3,4and6 Cricket vs Garden House School (BC, 2.15pm)
  • 26th June - Class 5 Cricket vs Knightsbridge School (BC, 2.30pm)
  • 20th - 22nd June - Class 5 Residential Trip to Juniper Hall
  • 28th June - Class 6 Parents Rounders Match (BP, 2.15pm)

‘Da Mihi Sapientiam’

‘Give me Wisdom’‘



Upon completion of the registration form and the fee of £120.00 a child’s name will be placed on the waiting list for entry to the school. Confirmation of a child’s registration will be sent in writing or via telephone. If parents have not seen the school prior to registration they are invited to make an appointment before their child attends any form of assessment. All candidates on the entry lists receive equal consideration. This policy has due regard to the terms of the Equality Act 2010 and guidance provided by the Equality and Human Rights Commission as to its implementation in school.

Mary-Anne — Acting Headmistress

Mrs Dina Mallett, BA Ed (Hons)

Josie — Principal

Josie Cameron Ashcroft


There are normally 20 places available at Reception (EYFS) age each year. Entry to the school at a later age is dependent upon available places. The criteria for an offer of a place is as follows:

  1. For Reception age children there is an informal group assessment in the Spring Term prior to September entry. Children are invited to attend an afternoon in a group of approximately 15 – 18 children with three Cameron House staff members. This assessment enables our Reception staff to meet the children registered for entry in September.
  2. For older children including 8+ entry children are placed on the waiting list and invited to attend a morning at school with the class for which they are entered. The children are asked to do some formal academic work in Mathematics and English in a classroom setting rather than a formal examination. Our aim is to create a normal classroom environment in which the children have the opportunity to experience a normal morning at Cameron House. The children will take part in the usual morning’s activities.
  3. In some cases a confidential report from the current school provides information concerning a child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, talents, interests and behaviour at school. This report can be extremely useful in helping us decide whether a child would suit Cameron House.
  4. The school has a sibling policy by which brothers and sisters are given preference where they are found to be a suitable candidate.
  5. Cameron House will consider children with a range of academic abilities, including gifted and talented children and those with learning difficulties provided we feel we are able to meet their needs and the child will be able to benefit from the provision Cameron House offers. Children who may at a later stage be identified as having a learning difficulty will be placed on the schools’ Learning Support Register and given the necessary support agreed between the school and the parents. In all other respects, Cameron House is fully inclusive.
  6. The assessment process will be subject to reasonable adjustments for children with disabilities where we (the School) are notified of these and evidence is provided.

Places are offered to Reception age children by the third week in February with a deadline date for acceptance. Offers to older children will be made within two weeks of the child’s visit. Parents offered unconditional places for their children are asked to confirm in writing their intention to accept the place by the required date. Otherwise, the offer will be withdrawn and made to another child on the waiting list.

If you would like to register your child, please complete the registration form below, and return it to the school along with the registration fee and you will receive written confirmation that your child has been added to the waiting list.


  • Our three children have all spent many happy years at Cameron House School. They have been extremely well prepared for their next school and have made many friends.



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