‘Da Mihi Sapientiam’

‘Give me Wisdom’¬Ď


We welcome an active partnership between home and school. Great importance is placed on the involvement of parents. Regular and effective communication between school and home ensures that the needs of the children and the aims of the school are understood and shared.

Friends of Cameron House (FoCH)

The Friends of Cameron House contribute to the non-academic aspects of school life. Notices from the FoCH will be posted on the notice board. There are also regular updates in 'The Insider'.

The Insider

The weekly 'Insider' is emailed to parents every week. It contains important news and information as well as details of school visits, dates, future events, procedures and contains a contribution from a different class each week. The Insider also offers an opportunity for us to celebrate some of the many achievements of our children. Hard copies are available in the School Entrance Hall and it can also be viewed on our website.

Communication Books and Homework Diaries

Each child has a homework diary or communication book which they take home every day. The diary records homework as well as any messages between teacher and parents. The diary should be signed by a parent each day.

Parents' Handbook

A Parents' Handbook is given to each new family. It contains much useful information about all aspects of school life. It is also available for all Cameron House parents to view in the parents section of our website.

Curriculum Evening

These evenings are held at the start of the Autumn Term in order to give parents an outline of the curriculum their child will be studying and details the school's expectations for behaviour and homework.

Parents' Meetings

Parents are invited to individual meetings held between teachers and parents in the Autumn and Spring Terms.


Written reports are sent home in the Autumn and Summer Terms, while additional verbal reports are given at the Parents' Evening in the Lent Term.


The school uniform is supplied by Peter Jones and can be purchased both in-store and online. Full uniform and kit lists are available in the parents section of our website.


  • Cameron House has a wonderful community feel.



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