• 24th - 27th June - Class 6 Normandy Trip
  • 21st June - Class 3,4and6 Cricket vs Garden House School (BC, 2.15pm)
  • 26th June - Class 5 Cricket vs Knightsbridge School (BC, 2.30pm)
  • 21st June - Class 4 visit to Holland Park (9.30am - 12.30pm)
  • 19th June - Class 5 Girls Cricket vs Pembridge Hall (2.15pm)
  • 28th June - Lower School Open Afternoon (1.45pm)
  • 20th - 22nd June - Class 5 Residential Trip to Juniper Hall
  • 19th June - Lower School Play Performance (KLT, 2.00pm)
  • 21st June - Cameron House Summer Drinks (6.00pm - Petyt Hall)
  • 19th June - Class 5 Cricket vs The Hampshire School (BP, 2.15pm)
  • 28th June - Class 6 Parents Rounders Match (BP, 2.15pm)

‘Da Mihi Sapientiam’

‘Give me Wisdom’‘


Should you wish to contact Cameron House School, please use the methods listed below:

Cameron House School
4 The Vale
London, SW3 6AH

Tel: 020 7352 4040
Fax: 020 7352 2349

Headmistress: Mrs Dina Mallett, BA Ed (Hons)

Principal: Miss Josie Cameron Ashcroft

Headmistress’ PA: Mrs Alice Hay

Registrar: Miss Izzy Wintour

Cameron House School Limited, Registered in England and Wales Number 08037800, Registered Office 4 The Vale, London SW3 6AH


  • Our daughter’s teachers know her as well as we do and that helps her stay enthusiastic and motivated.



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