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Summer Term 2017—Newsletter Nine

23rd June 2017

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Battersea Park on Friday afternoon last week for our annual Sports Day; such an enjoyable occasion for all and how lucky we were with the weather—thank you for your support. I would like to say a massive thank you to Hugh and all the Cameron House Staff for all their hard work preparing and running this superb event. I would also to extend a thank you to FoCH for providing the children’s fantastic t-shirts, caps and delicious refreshments! Class 5 set off on Monday morning for their exciting adventure to Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre in Dorking, Surrey for a three day residential visit. Upper School had a Music Assembly on Monday. Our performer in Class 4 was Florence (flute). Our performers in Class 3 were Chiara (recorder), Melisa (piano), Lulu and Eloise (djembe) and Rex (piano and cello). We also had a wonderful taste of Africa, India, Australia and the North Pole at the Lower School Production on Tuesday with their fantastic production of The Balloon Squad. I am delighted to attach the Sports Newsletter with this week’s Insider where you can enjoy looking at some photographs and reading some comments about sports at school.

Up-Coming Diary Dates

Please find here a gentle reminder of some up-coming important dates for your information:

  • Monday 26th June: Moving Up Morning (see below for more)
  • Monday 26th June: No swimming for Reception or Class 6
  • Tuesday 27th June: No Karate
  • Tuesday 27th June: Class 5 Cricket v Knightsbridge (BP at 2.15pm)
  • Tuesday 27th June: Class 5 Rounders v Hampshire School (BP at 2.15pm)
  • Wednesday 28th June: Class 5 Home-Clothes day
  • Thursday 29th June and Monday 3rd July: Prize Giving Rehearsals at St. Luke’s Church (am)
  • Thursday 29th June: Class 3 Rounders v Knightsbridge (BP at 2.30pm)
  • Thursday 29th June: Lower School Open Afternoon from 1.45pm (see below for details)
  • Thursday 29th June: FoCH Summer Drinks Party 6-9pm (see below for details)
  • Friday 30th June: Fun Day (see below and separate letters for details — no Swimming for Classes 3 and 4)
  • Friday 30th June: Final Day for Clubs and Sports Lessons (other than the extra Sports Session on Tuesday 4th July for all Classes)
  • Monday 3rd July: Charity Plant Sale (see below for details)


Class 3 Ancient Egypt Blog

The children collaborated, combining research, presentation and publishing to present their work about Ancient Egypt. They used iPads and books to retrieve information and become the teachers as they presented their topic using a slide show app. Here is the link to our very own website where you can learn about the Ancient Egyptians.

Class 5 Pizza and Home Clothes Day!

Two of the Auction Prizes won at the Spring Fair last term were “Home Clothes for your Class,” won by Sienna and “Pizza Lunch for your Class,” won by Ginevra. Well done Class 5, double treats!

Lower School Production—The Balloon Squad

The show was an action packed production performed by the Lower School. There was a lot of teamwork and Cameronian spirit! It was about Hugo the Hippo and helpers going in search of their lost friend the endangered Robert the rhino. On their way, they met some new friends a crocodile, a mouse, a tiger, a kangaroo, a cockatoo, a koala, a platypus and a yodeling bear. What a success! By Sasha (Drama Prefect). All the songs were sung extremely well! “Stuck in the mud” was very well acted and sung by the talented Reception children as well as the Year 1 song “Mouse and Crocodile” I enjoyed all the fabulous solo pieces sung by the musical year two’s. Well done Lower School By Layla (Head Girl). Thank you to Basil for taking photographs of the performers at their dress rehearsal. These photographs can be found on the school website in the secure parents section.

Class 5 Juniper Hall

Juniper Hall is a lovely field centre in Mickleham, Surrey and a fun place for going outdoors. On our visit, we did mammal catching, pond-dipping, meadow catching and since we were an extra special group, we were allowed to roast marshmallows and sing songs around a campfire. My favourite part was when Edward and Amy threw five litres of water on us and we had a water fight. I hope to go again soon! By Sienna

Karate Achievements

Well done Harry (C3) for achieving brown/black line belt, to Ladipo (C2) for achieving full blue belt, to Edward (C2) for achieving full blue belt and Felipe (C2) for achieving full red belt. Congratulations boys!

Class 6 visit to Normandy

“My favourite part of our trip was Omaha Beach because it was really pretty and felt different to most beaches.” By Oliver. “My favourite part of our trip was the American cemetery because it shows how brave the soldiers were to fight for us and our countries.” By Sasha. “My favourite part of our trip was the American Cemetery because it was really meaningful.” By Miranda. “My favourite part of our entire trip was the American Cemetery and Omaha Beach. It was made extremely special for me when Alisa shared all of her fabulous stories about her grandfather who fought in WW2.” By Rhea. “I liked the Euro shuttle because it was cool driving on a train on a bus and going under the water.” By Jack. “My favourite part was the bakery because the guy teaching us how to make croissants was really funny!” By Mimi. “We saw the German bunkers which was really scary; it’s hard to think that so many people died because of one person”. By Layla. “My favourite part of the trip was when we went to the boulangerie where we learned to make bread and croissants. The man who we met acted really strict and scary. We couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious at first!” By Yuv. “My favourite part was Omaha Beach because the sand was so pure and soft, but it was also devastating to think about how many people died there.” By Daniel. “My favourite part was the bakery because we made croissants and we got to smash them and play with the dough!” By Alice. “My favourite part was the German Batteries because the machine guns were still there. “ By Victoria. “My favourite part of the trip was going to the American Cemetery and hearing Alisa’s Grandpa’s poem” By Olivia. “I liked the German bunkers because they were still preserved and you could go in and actually see what they used in the war.” By Evie.


Lower School Open Afternoon

Lower School Parents are warmly welcomed to join us from 1.45pm on Thursday 29th June, when they can go into their child’s class to enjoy looking at some of their work. We kindly ask that parents do not take the children’s work away with them at the end of the day though. Parents may take their child home with them once they have finished if they wish to.

Fun Day

As you will have read in the letters that were sent home recently, our annual and much anticipated Cameron House School Fun Day will take place during the morning of Friday 30th June 2017. Fun day will be held at School. The children should bring in a minimum of £2 to take part in the activities and raise money for the Class 6’s chosen charity, Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Open Club Watching Sessions for Parents

Parents are warmly invited to come along to the School Hall on the following dates if they would like to watch the club sessions:
Ballet and Street Jazz: Wednesday 28th June during normal club session times
Drama: Thursday 29th June at 4pm
Fencing: Friday 30th June during normal club session times

Draft Clubs List for September 2017

Parents can now view a draft list of the club members for September 2017, which is by the Clubs Notice Board in the School Entrance Hall. This list will be updated regularly. If you would like to put your child forward for a Club for next term, please contact Izzy in the School Office or write a note directly in the Clubs Book, which can be found in the Parents’ Tray in the School Office. Please do not write directly on the Clubs Board or draft list. If parents would like to see a list of the revised costs for next year’s Clubs, Izzy has a full list in the School Office. Thank you.

Moving Up Morning!

We will be holding a “Moving Up” session during the morning of Monday 26th June when the children from Reception to Class 5 will spend about an hour in their new classrooms with their new teachers for next term.

Charity Plant Sale Reminder

Just a gentle reminder that it is fast approaching the Cameron House “Grow your own plant sale” on the 3rd July and we need as many flowers and vegetables ready to sell to raise money for our charity the We hope the growing is going well! By Amy Hays Charity Co-ordinator)

Learning Friends

Well done to Merrill in Reception, for being awarded Curly the lion for showing great courage in play rehearsals and the Lower School production. Congratulations!

Well done to Rayyan in Reception, for being awarded Ivy the owl for showing great reflectiveness in his Art work, taking care and making measured improvements. Congratulations!

Well done to Tommaso in Class 1, for being awarded Snowball the penguin for showing great ambition and improved skills in football club. Congratulations!

Well done to Fredrik in Class 5, for being awarded Benzi the elephant for showing great collaboration and a mature approach to all he tackled and achieved. Congratulations!

Please do return your learning friend to school on Tuesday morning.

Mary-Anne — Acting Headmistress

Acting Headmistress

Josie — Principal


Suzanne — Assistant Head

Assistant Head

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