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Summer Term 2017—Newsletter Ten

30th June 2017

Dear Parents,

This week we enjoyed our final Music Assemblies of the school year with super performances. Children who performed in the Upper School were Kathleen (flute), Gretel (saxophone), Edward (piano and violin), Nola (piano), Melisa (violin), Chiara (djembe drum), Olivia in Class 4 (voice), Florence and Elizabeth (clapping song) and Chiara, Melisa and Nola (djembe drum trio). Children who performed in the Lower School were a duet with Ladipo and Thibault (recorder), Micci, Felipe, Meron, Clivia, Sabrina (voice), India and Victoire (piano) and Amelie (recorder). On Monday morning, we enjoyed our Moving-Up Morning when the children from Reception to Class 5 spent time in their new classrooms with their new teachers for next term. Today we are in the throes of our Fun Day! Thank you to Class 6 and the children for organising an array of exciting activities for the children to enjoy! I am delighted to attach Class 4’s wonderful Newsletter with this week’s Insider, which I am sure you will enjoy reading. I look forward to seeing you at our Prize Giving Service next Wednesday. Thank you.

Up-Coming Diary Dates

Please find here a gentle reminder of some up-coming important dates for your information:

  • Monday 3rd July: Prize Giving Service rehearsal
  • Monday 3rd July: Plant Sale Charity (see below for details)
  • Tuesday 4th July: Normal Tuesday Sports Session C5 Rounders v Hampshire School BP at 2.15pm C5 Cricket v Knightsbridge
  • Wednesday 5th July: Prize Giving Service at St. Luke’s Church 2pm (see below for details)
  • Thursday 6th July: Last day of Term (see below for details)
  • Thursday 7th September: Autumn Term 2017 Commences


Karate Achievement

Well done to Idris (C4) for achieving his brown belt. Congratulations!

Class 6 Pupils v Parents Rounders Match

Class 6 played rounders against their parents, Mary-Anne and Alisa at Bishop’s Park. The score was incredibly close with the children achieving 9 rounders and the adults 7.5, even though the parents had not played rounders before. Everyone had a great time and we want to thank the parents for coming along to take part in this special end of year activity for Class 6!

Class 5 Butterfly release

In Science, we have been learning about butterflies. Edward kindly bought us five caterpillars and I brought in a net. We watched the caterpillars go through their different stages of development. Only one out of the five survived. That is a 20% survival rate. We let the butterfly free on Tuesday. We found it interesting watching the chrysalis change and develop into a butterfly. There was great excitement when we took the butterfly outside to release it. By Eva

Chess Club Achievements

Well done to our Chess club competitors for this terms competition. The lunchtime group bronze medal winners are Daniel (C6), Idris (C4), Yuv (C6) and Joshua (C3) with 11 points. Silver medal winner is Isabella (C4) with 13 points and the gold medal winner is Inaki (C5) with 15 points. The after school chess bronze medal winner is Oliver B (C3) with 11 points. The silver medal winner is Rohan (C4) with 13 points and the gold medal winner is Alex (C4) with 15 points. Congratulations to you all!

Spanish Club festivities

Enjoying Spanish delicacies in their last club together!

Class 5 and 6 visit to the Library

A few days ago, it was the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book. On Wednesday, we went to the Chelsea library and got the opportunity to do some activities. We were asked questions about what Harry Potter meant to us. We read extracts from the end of the first Harry Potter book. We were also given some sheets we could take home. It was really fun! By Paloma (Librarian Prefect)

Fun Day Montage


Charity Plant Sale Reminder

Just a gentle reminder that it is fast approaching the Cameron House “Grow your own plant sale” on the 3rd July and we need as many flowers and vegetables ready to sell to raise money for our charity the We hope the growing is going well! Due to plants taking up a lot of space, we ask that the plants are only brought in to school in the afternoon at 2pm, and that the plants are taken straight through to the playground. Amy will be there to take them from you. Please do make sure your plants are clearly labelled to ensure anything not sold can easily be returned to the rightful owner. You will be able to buy lemonade and a biscuit for £2.50. By Amy Hays Charity Coordinator)

Draft Clubs List for September 2017

Parents can view a draft list of the club members for September 2017, which is on the Clubs Notice Board in the School Entrance Hall. Please see the revised list of clubs below and expected timings for clubs in the Autumn. If you would like to put your child forward for a Club for next term, please contact Izzy in the School Office or write a note directly in the Clubs Book, which can be found in the Parents’ Tray in the School Office. Please do not write directly on the Clubs Board or draft list. If parents would like to see a list of the revised costs for next year’s Clubs, Izzy has a full list in the School Office. Thank you.

Second Hand Uniform

A gentle reminder that you are able to donate your unwanted uniforms to the second hand uniform stock as we are now nearing the end of term. Please could donations to be left in the school office and Emma-Jane will collect them. Thank you in advance for all donations!

Prize Giving Service

As you will be aware, we will be holding our Prize Giving Service on Wednesday 5th July 2017 at St Luke’s Church Sydney Street, SW3 at 2pm. We would be very grateful for your support with the following:

  • Please can children bring their snacks and lunches on that day in named disposable bags
  • Please can children ensure they are in complete, smart summer school uniform
  • No School Bags will be necessary.
  • Children playing instruments at the Prize Giving Service will need to bring their instruments in on Monday 3rd
  • July and Wednesday 5th July.
  • Children will go home after the Service.

We very much look forward to welcoming friends and parents to our service. Thank you for your support.

Note from the Friends of Cameron House Team!

As the school year draws to a close, we wanted to say thank you very much to all of the wonderful FoCH volunteers who contributed so much of their time, creativity and energy to our group this year. From the Spring Fair and Summer Drinks to Sports Day, Bake Sales, Second-Hand Uniform and termly class events, FoCH volunteers have worked hard to provide a wide range of activities and services for children, parents and staff, to support Cameron House’s wonderful community. We would especially like to thank Buky Alakija, Rebecca Egea, Nicole Kearse Stewart, Mimosa Graham, Victoria Forrest, Natasha Demeroutis, Chiara Bertoli, Sonal Mehta, Helen Monger, Yumi Vignoli, Ginevra Pepere and Yasmin Phillips for all their extra time and enthusiasm!

Final Week of Term

Early Bird Club will run on Monday 3rd Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th July from 8-8.30am for those who would like to attend. Please note there will be no Sports Lessons (other than the extra Sport Session on Tuesday 4th July) or other Clubs in the final week of term. Please can children bring in a large plastic or fabric bag each day to take home any art work, exercise books or remaining items—thank you. On the last morning of the term (Thursday 6th July) children may wear “home clothes” if they would like to and do not need to bring in their school bags or lunch on this day. They will however need to bring a disposable snack and waterbottle on this day. Thank you.

End of Term Collection Times and Details — Thursday 6th July 2017

  • Children and Staff can wear “home clothes” on the final day of term!
  • Reception, Class 1 & 2 pick up at 12.15pm
  • Classes 3,4,5 & 6 pick up at 12.30pm
  • Autumn Term commences on Thursday 7th September 2017. Children may wear Winter or Summer uniform at the start of the Autumn Term.

Wishing you all a happy, restful and enjoyable Summer break.

Learning Friends

Well done to Kamil in Reception for being awarded Sparky the dragon for showing creativity in free play

Mary-Anne — Acting Headmistress

Acting Headmistress

Josie — Principal


Suzanne — Assistant Head

Assistant Head

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