• 28th June - Class 6 Parents Rounders Match (BP, 2.15pm)
  • 26th June - Class 5 Cricket vs Knightsbridge School (BC, 2.30pm)
  • 19th June - Lower School Play Performance (KLT, 2.00pm)
  • 19th June - Class 5 Girls Cricket vs Pembridge Hall (2.15pm)
  • 19th June - Class 5 Cricket vs The Hampshire School (BP, 2.15pm)
  • 20th - 22nd June - Class 5 Residential Trip to Juniper Hall
  • 28th June - Lower School Open Afternoon (1.45pm)
  • 21st June - Class 4 visit to Holland Park (9.30am - 12.30pm)
  • 21st June - Class 3,4and6 Cricket vs Garden House School (BC, 2.15pm)
  • 21st June - Cameron House Summer Drinks (6.00pm - Petyt Hall)
  • 24th - 27th June - Class 6 Normandy Trip

‘Da Mihi Sapientiam’

‘Give me Wisdom’‘

The Insider Newsletter

Summer Term 2018—Newsletter Nine

22nd June 2018

Dear Parents,

I am still humming the songs from the Lower School production of The Bee Musical on Tuesday. It was the most spectacular performance given by our 4 to 7 years olds; and there is no doubt that the children enjoyed performing as much as the audience enjoyed watching. Bravo Lower School and a huge thanks to Jennifer, Garth and the Lower School staff for their hard work in ensuring that the production was such a success. Please see below for reviews from our Class 6 Music and Drama Captains- more to follow in next week’s newsletter…

Up-Coming Diary Dates

  • Sunday 24th-27th June: Class 6 Normandy Residential Visit
  • Tuesday 26th June: Class 5 cricket vs Knightsbridge School (BC 2.30pm)
  • Thursday 28th June:
    Class 6 Parents’ rounders match (BP 2.15pm)
    Lower School Open Afternoon (1.45pm)
    Prize Giving Service Rehearsal (St L 9.30–11.30am)
  • Friday 29th June:
    Fun Day
    Sports lessons and clubs finish
  • Monday 2nd July: Prize Giving Service Rehearsal (St L 9.30–11.30am)
  • Wednesday 4th July: Prize Giving Service (St L 2.00pm)
  • Thursday 5th July: Term Ends (LS 12.15pm; US 12.30pm)


Ice-lolly sale

FoCH will be holding an ice-lolly sale on Friday 29th June after school in the playground. All welcome!

Parent Watching Sessions

Parents are invited to join the final sessions / performance of clubs. Please see below for details:

  • Karate — Tuesday 26th June
  • Ballet — Wednesday 27th June
  • Little Singers — Wednesday 27th June
  • Drama — Thursday 28th June
  • Fencing — Friday 29th June
  • Gym — Friday 29th June

Message from Friends of Cameron House (FoCH)

We are currently starting to draw up the Friends of Cameron House Team for next academic year. If any parents are interested in getting involved please contact us to find out more—thank you for your support.

Lower School Open Afternoon

Lower School Parents are warmly welcomed to join us from 1.45pm on Thursday 28th June, when they can go into their child’s class to enjoy looking at some of their work. We kindly ask that parents do not take the children’s work away with them at the end of the day though. Parents may take their child home with them once they have finished if they wish to.

Fun Day

As you will have read in the letters that were sent home recently, our annual and much anticipated Cameron House School Fun Day will take place during the morning of Friday 29th June. Fun day will be held at School. The children should bring in a minimum of £2 to take part in the activities and raise money for the Class 6’s chosen charity, Plastic Oceans.

The Bee Musical — A Review by Sienna (Drama Captain)

The Reception, Class One and Class Two children performed a musical which taught us all about bees! We learned about their roles in the food chain and other interesting facts. The costumes were very creative and the songs were catchy as well!

The Bee Musical

A Bee-utiful Production! — A Review by Elisabeth (Music Prefect)

The music was great! It was a mix of jazz and pop. It made me want to sing along because the songs were so catchy! The singing was on pitch as well. The songs were educational and taught us what a bee does for his/her life. The soloists were amazing! They didn’t look or sound nervous at all. Well done to the Lower School!

The Bee Musical

Art Day T-Shirt Parade

On Monday 18th June the children were invited to come in wearing the batik T-shirts that they made on Art Day earlier in the term. There was a wonderful collection of colours and designs and the children wore their T-shirts with pride.

Art Day T-Shirt Parade

Pizza Making Lesson in Pizza Express

Class 1 were treated to a pizza making lesson and lunch in Pizza Express on Wednesday 20th June, thanks to Paola Verri who elaborated the ‘Pizza for the Class’ silent auction bid from the Spring Fair. The class learned that pizza originated in Egypt and that a Magherita Pizza is the queen of pizzas, named after the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. They were beautifully behaved and our huge thanks go to the Verris for the wonderful treat.

Pizza Making Lesson Pizza Making Lesson Pizza Making Lesson Pizza Making Lesson Pizza Making Lesson Pizza Making Lesson

Learning Friends

Congratulations to:

Scarlett in Class 2, who was awarded Sparky the Dragon for her creative flair in the Bee Musical.

Antonia in Class 3, who was awarded Storm the Husky, for Sportsmanship during her recent tennis matches congratulating winners.

Yiannis in Class 4, who was awarded Lexi the Fox for his Perseverance during Sports Day with all the events.

Congratulations to all

Please do return your learning friend to school on Tuesday morning.

Mrs Dina Mallett — Headmistress

Mrs Dina Mallett

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