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Summer Term 2018—Newsletter Ten

29th June 2018

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that the final week of term is upon us. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big well done to all of our boys and girls for their achievements this academic year; and also a big thank you to all of the staff who have encouraged, nurtured and inspired the children. After such a marathon of hard work and much fun, the children deserve a well-earned break over the summer. Your son or daughter will receive a variety of homework activities to keep brains ticking over during the two months before the new term starts but I do want to stress the importance of rest and play, much needed for a happy and energized start for the new academic year. As always, I would like the children to remember the 3Hs (Headmistress’s Holiday Homework) to:

  • Run around in the fresh air
  • Eat fruit and vegetables
  • Read for pleasure

I look forward to seeing you all at Prize Giving on Wednesday and I wish everyone a wonderful summer.

Up-Coming Diary Dates

  • Monday 2nd July: Prize Giving Service Rehearsal (St L 9.30–11.30am)
  • Wednesday 4th July: Prize Giving Service (St L 2.00pm)
  • Thursday 5th July: Term Ends (LS 12.15pm; US 12.30pm)
  • Thursday 6th September: First day of the new school year


Chelsea Fire Station

Class One thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Chelsea Fire Station this week. Huge thanks to Martim’s family who won this in the silent auction at the Spring Fair. The children all had a chance to spray the hose and each other a little bit which was perfect on such a hot day! They learned about the different ways firefighters help people and saw some of the special equipment.

Chelsea Fire Station give away FREE smoke alarms so anyone and everyone can have one.

Chelsea Fire Station Chelsea Fire Station Chelsea Fire Station Chelsea Fire Station

Robotics Club

At the start of the year we worked with EV3 bricks and worked together to make them, program them and name them. Once we achieved the main goal we began to move on to more complex things like a droid. With our droid we began building it, programming it, and decorating it. Our first step in programming was to go backwards, forwards, left, and right. When we accomplished this, we began creating obstacle courses, for our droid to complete, and creating pictures for it to draw, including a square, a star, a circle, and we barely managed a heart! Although we made a few mistakes, we learnt from them, and persisted and it was look forward to seeing all the happy, new faces next year.
By Elizabeth and Gretel

Robotics Club Robotics Club Robotics Club

Class 3 Egyptian Day

The children dressed up, ‘mummified’ each other, learnt an Egyptian-style dance, listened to traditional music, made 3D models of pyramids and mummies, plus they also solved Ancient Egyptian themed word searches. They had a wonderful time!

Egyptian Day Egyptian Day Egyptian Day Egyptian Day

Antonia: “My favourite part was completing the word searches.”
Emma: “I loved mummifying everyone!”
Felipe: “The Ancient Egyptian afternoon was the best thing we have done this year, especially the mummification.”
Edward: “My favourite part was mummifying.”
Ladipo: “I like that we got to do Ancient Egyptian dancing. I’d like to do it every Monday!”

Class 6 Parents v. Children Rounders Match

This Thursday 28th June, the parents of the Class 6 children joined us at Battersea Park for the Annual Class 6 Parents v. Children Rounders Match. Some willing Class 5 girls to join in with us as well. The Cameron House children were victorious and beat their parents 7 rounders to 6! Huge thanks to all of the parents and siblings who came along to join in the fun. We all had such a lovely afternoon!

Rounders Match


Class 5 have been looking after 5 caterpillars. After a few days they made a chrysalis and then turned into beautiful butterflies. We let them go to live the rest of their short life! Reception joined us in the playground to watch and were very excited.


Ice cream treat

Class 5 had an afternoon treat! The children and parents all went to get ice cream to celebrate all their hard work over the year.

Ice cream treat

Karate Grading

Congratulations to the following children for their gradings: Elizabeth, Zack, Ilias, Charlotte, Luca and Andrea move to Yellow belt;
Tireni and Lorenzo to Red Belts;
Theo and Martim to Orange belt;
Alex to green with white stripe;
Zander, Edward and Ladipo to Brown belts;
and Idris to 1st Kyu brown belt.

Lower School Music Assembly

Our Musicians who performed this week in assembly are:
Jean, Violanda, Amelia, Merril and Oscar, who played the piano; Eleonora, Andrea, Kamil and Alice, who played the drums; and Lola, who played the recorder.

Learning Friends

Congratulations to:

Luke in Class 2, who was awarded Curly the Lion for his courage in learning new lines at the last minute in the Bee Musical.

Oscar in Class 2, who was awarded Snowball the Penguin, for his ambitious role as Grumble Bee in the Bee Musical.

Giselle in Class 4, who was awarded Lexi the Fox for her perseverance in making new friends quickly during this past term in a new school.

Chiara in Class 4, who was awarded Copper the Dog for her kindness in Class 4 this year.

Sasha in Class 5, who was awarded Marty the Meerkat for his curiosity at Juniper Hall.

Congratulations to all

Mrs Dina Mallett — Headmistress

Mrs Dina Mallett

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