‘Da Mihi Sapientiam’

‘Give me Wisdom’‘

The School

At Cameron House we aim to establish trust with the children from the first day. The children learn in an inspiring and modern environment, where every classroom is designed to make them feel comfortable and ready to learn. Accordingly, we have designed the school to be spotless, bright and sunny, with many personal touches.

The Reception classroom is particularly welcoming bright and colourful, with comfortable rugs which allow teachers literally to work at the children's level, making group reading and circle-time sessions both intimate and lively. In this way, traditional teaching methods are mixed with plenty of free-spirited child-initiated learning and discovering through play.

WE PROMOTE EXPLORATION: Cameron House School offers a unique education that helps children to grow in maturity, instilling a firm sense of self, a passion for exploration and a freedom to express creativity, balanced by good manners, kindness and an active interest in others.

WE STRIVE FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE: We pride ourselves on being what The Good Schools Guide has called 'a serious player in feeding children into London day schools where places are much sought after.' However, despite all our academic success, our school is not a hothouse - it caters for children of every ability comfortably. Every pupil, from the very brightest to those who need help in certain areas, will be given the skills and support needed to achieve first-rate results.

WE ENCOURAGE ENERGY: Cameron House is a genuinely warm, open environment, with plenty of buzz within its walls where children are as eager to learn, as we are to teach. We encourage the children who join our school to be energetic in everything that they do, whether in academic or sporting pursuits.

WE NURTURE CREATIVITY: Every child has creative gifts and it is our goal to identify where an individual's gifts may lie and to nurture them. Whether your child has a passion for art, dancing, singing, languages or a desire to play a particular instrument, we will provide the direction and specialist teaching to help them explore their talent to the full.

WE INSIST ON TEAMWORK: We adhere to the philosophy that to succeed in life you need to be a good team player. At Cameron House teamwork and cooperation are taken very seriously; from pairing children in class for projects, to enforcing good sportmanship and team endeavour on the playing field.

WE CELEBRATE FAITH: Cameron House is a school with a Christian ethos, however all denominations are welcome and celebrated; our Religious Education curriculum includes the six main world religions. We believe that children need to explore the concepts of faith and morality early on in their education. Accordingly, we have formed close ties with St Luke's Church, Sydney Street.


  • I like the clubs, the sport and the teachers.



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