‘Da Mihi Sapientiam’

‘Give me Wisdom’‘

Josie welcomes our new Headmistress

Josie Cameron Ashcroft

Dear Parents,

I am delighted to welcome our new Headmistress, Mrs Dina Mallett, to Cameron House School, as she takes up her role this term.

A school is a story, made up of many chapters and populated by many characters. Every child, member of staff and family who has passed through the doors of Cameron House has helped to write its story, from its beginnings in 1980, all the way to 2018.

The arrival of a new Head opens a new and exciting chapter, and I would love to invite you to come and meet Dina and our passionate team of teachers, with a view to your family, and your child, joining us and writing your part of the Cameron House story.

Our guiding principles haven’t changed since our foundation in 1980. We still make it our goal every day to: be kind, work hard and have fun.

With my warmest wishes,

Josie Cameron Ashcroft signature
Josie Cameron Ashcroft

Josie Cameron Ashcroft

Dina Mallett’s tenure as Headmistress of Cameron House has now begun with the start of the Summer Term, but she has been working closely with the Principal and Acting Head for many months – and is already a familiar face for parents and children.

Dina is a passionate educationalist with deep roots in the independent sector in London.

Her journey began teaching boys at Dulwich College Prep School (now Dulwich Prep, London) initially as a class teacher, then Head of Year and Assistant Director of Studies; she went on to be Deputy Head of Prep at City of London School for Girls; and, latterly, Headmistress of Cumnor House School for Girls.

The foundation of her educational philosophy is the simple premise that happy children are the best learners, and she takes every opportunity to share her own love of learning with her pupils. She believes that, if children are to fulfil their potential, and to flourish academically, they must learn how to learn.

At the same time as fostering excellence across the breadth of the curriculum, Dina is equally passionate about the twin values of kindness and fairness at the heart of school life, and about the importance of learning key life skills such as how to build healthy relationships. Dina has that special amalgam of wisdom, experience and character that is so vital in a Head. We look forward to the new chapter she will write in the Cameron House story.


  • All that Cameron House asks a child to do is simply to try their best every time and they will help you along the way.



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